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Hoffman Award

Since 2009, The Hoffman Award has been presented to the highest ranked West Australian author.

For a time, the Award was presented to the highest ranked Australian Author, and during the period of 1998-2000 it was awarded to the highest ranked West Australian author, in the Picture Book or Younger Reader Categories.

2015 The Last Viking Returns / Norman Jorgensen & James Foley

2012 The Last Viking / Norman Jorgensen & James Foley

2011 Ned Kelly and the Green Sash / Mark Greenwood

2010 Pearl Verses the World / Sally Murphy

2009 Jack’s Island / Norman Jorgensen

2008 Red Dragon/Andrew Lansdown

2007 Nathan Nuttboard Family Matters/Anthony Eaton

2006 Shah/Liliana Stafford

2005 Babies Bite/Geoff Havel

2004 Secrets in the Tingle Forest/Louise Schofield

2003 Chiko : Through the Starting Flags/Liliana Stafford

2001 Selby Surfs/Duncan Ball

2000 Surf’s Up/Diana Chase

1999 Blueback/Tim Winton

1998 Someone lLike Me/Elaine Forrestal

1997 Selby Supersnoop/Duncan Ball

1996 Where the Whales Swim/Victor Kelleher

1995 Undone! More Mad Endings/Paul Jennings

1994 Unbearable!/Paul Jennings

1993 Gumboots and Other Risks/Gillian Barnett

1992 Uncanny!/Paul Jennings

1991 The Paw Thing/Paul Jennings

1989 The Ghost and the Gory Story/Duncan Ball

1986 Hating Alison Ashley/Robin Klein

1982 The Cockroach that Wrote a Symphony/Trevor Todd