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Win your school or library a session with NH3!

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Tally Sheets!

Why are they important? Not only does it help enormously when we have to count the votes, but the first 50 people to return Tally Sheets (either by email or post) will go in the draw to win NH3 author of The Watermaker at their school or library for a day.

Not just a book, The Elementaurs series also features a card game with creatures based on the first eighteen elements of the periodic table. It can be used to play simple games which can lead to a greater understanding of basic high school chemistry.

*Now for the fine print!
If the winning school or public library is outside the metropolitan area, it would be their responsibility to negotiate additional costs this school session may occur eg transport and/or accommodation.
Tally Sheets must have at least 20 votes to qualify for the prize draw


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