West Australian Young Readers' Book Award

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Younger Readers 2011

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Bernard, Patricia The Claw of the Dragon

Carmody, Isabelle The Red Wind

Carter, Charlie Battle Boy: Aztec Attack

Constable, Kate Cicada Summer

D’Ath, Justin Tiger Trouble

Dhami, Narinder Hannah’s Secret

Griffiths, Andy Just Macbeth

Gutman, Dan Dr Brad has gone mad

Kinney, Jeff  Ugly Truth

Maddox, Jake Pit Crew Crunch Lesson plan

Mcfarlane, Susannah Rocky Road

Newsome, Richard The Billionaire’s Curse

Prineas, Sarah Magic Thief

Rasheed, Leila Sock Shocks Secrets

Reeder, Stephanie Owen LOST! CMIS review

Reid, Sue War Nurse My Story series

Roy, James Queasy Rider Lightning Strikes series

Thompson, Colin Camelot

Ure, Jean Ice Lolly

Ward, Nick Charlie Small: the Puppet Master

Wilson, Jacqueline Cookie


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