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Older Readers 2011


Cassidy, Cathy Angel Cake

De La Cruz, Melissa Blue Bloods

Falkner, Brian The Project

Fitzpatrick, Becca Hush, Hush

Gleitzman, Morris Then

Harmer, Wendy I Lost My Phone at the Mall

Hayes, Rosemary Blue Eyed Aborigine

Hilton, Nette The Innocents

Landy, Derek Dark Days

Marchetta, Melina The Piper’s Son

McNab, Andy Avenger

Meadows, Foz Solace and Grief

Morphew, Chris The Phoenix File – Arrival

Muchamore, Robert Brigand MC

Ness, Patrick Monsters of Men

Paolini, Christopher Brisingr

Pfeffer, Susan Beth The Dead and the Gone

Riordan, Rick The Lost Hero

Roberts, Marion Mostly Sunny with a chance of storms

Scott, Michael The magician

Smith, Charlotte Dreaming of Dior

Young Alexa Faketastic


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