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Younger Readers 2010

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Ashland, Monk  Sky Village

Bone, Ian  Philomena Wonderpen is a very Naughty Teacher

Brand, Dell  History’s a Mystery

Carter, Charlie  Red Devil Down – Battle Box

D’Ath, Justin  Spider Bite

Flanagan, John  Erak’s Ransom

Gleitzman, Morris  Toad Surprise

Griffiths, Andy Mascot Madness

Havel, Geoff  The Master

Kinney, Jeff  Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Last Straw

McKinlay, Meg  Going for Broke

Murphy, Sally Pearl Verses the World

Murrell, Belinda Locket of Dreams

Orman, Lorraine  Haunted

Preller, James  Along came Spider

Rasheed, Leila  Chips, Beans & Limousines

Riordan, Rick  Percy Jackson & the Last Olympians

Simpson, Judith  In the Shadow of the Palace

Small, Charlie  Charlie Small Gorilla City

St John, Lauren The White Giraffe

Storer, Jen Tensy Farlow & the Home for Mislaid Children

Thomason, Mark  Moonrunner

Wagner, Michael  The Undys – Wet & Wild

Wilding, Valerie  Road to War

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